Monday, April 6, 2009

Local Wine Trivia

While sitting in the tasting room and surfing web, I came across some fun and interesting trivia questions on the Paso Style Living website ( I encourage you to check it out and test your knowledge! Below are some questions from the website.

1. Zinfandel is often considered California's grape, but it's origin is Croatia. Zinfandel has a sister grape which was also traced back to Croatia. What is Zinfandel's sister grape?

d)None of the Above

Answer: Primitivo. Primitivo and Zinfandel are very closely related and can both be traced back to a common ancestral grape variety from Croatia. Actually Primitivo has many of the same Zinfandel characteristics.

2. The Paso hillsides are so beautiful this time of year. It also reminds us of years past before Paso was known for it's great wine it was considered the _________ City?

d)None of the Above

Answer: Almond. California is the largest producer of almonds in the world, and 75 years ago Paso Robles had the highest concentration of almond trees anywhere in the world. Almond production is still an important product, but much of the production has moved to the Central Valley. Both Walnuts and Pistachios are grown locally, but if you think historically Pistachios are relatively new to the US. Iran is the largest producer of Pistachios in the world. Pistachio is a Farsi (Persian) word.

3. Most of you have seen the movie "Sideways". In the movie, Miles coveted a special bottle of Wine. What was the Winery and varietal of that special wine?

a)Sea Smoke - Pinot Noir
b)Silver Oak - Cabernet Sauvignon
c)Cheval Blanc - Merlot
d)None of the Above

Answer: Cheval Blanc - Merlot. Yes, the very special bottle of wine while Miles cherished so much was a Cheval Blanc which blends two grape varieties to form their great wines, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Merlot is normally the predominate grape in this wine, but varies by vintage.

4. Paso Robles is quickly becoming well known as an excellent Rhone wine producing area. Tablas Creek is a partnership with the famous French Rhone producer Chateau de Beaucastel. To Americans, Syrah is probably the most common Rhone wine. In the Northern Rhone Valley of France Syrah is the predominate red wine grape and Viognier is the predominate white wine grape. What is the most common blending grape for Syrah in the Northern Rhone Valley

d)None of the Above

Answer: c, d. The primary blending grape with Syrah in the Northern Rhone Valley is the white wine grape Viognier. Some regions of Northern Rhone do not allow any blending so that would make d an acceptable answer. Grenache and Mouvedre are allowed in Southern Rhone wines.

5. What famous Wild West Outlaw had roots in Paso Robles?

a)Frank & Jesse James
b)Billy the Kid
c)Doc Holiday
d)None of the Above

Answer: Frank and Jesse James. Frank and Jesse's Uncle Dury James lived on a ranch on the Paso Westside. Dury's cabin is still there today about 1/2 mile east of Norman Winery. Frank and Jesse visited their uncle often. They would hangout frequently at the Old Paso Inn.

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  1. Very cool. I didn't do so well, but fun to check out!