Monday, August 24, 2009

Gemini Love

Check out this awesome review of our 2005 Gemini Reserve Red, found on the blog titled "Where's My DAMN Answer?"
"Midnight Cellars  in Paso Robles strikes again!! We of course had to taste all the wines while there but this was one that really stuck with us.  Not for how it tasted a few weeks ago but how it will taste in 6 months.  I was chatting with Rich Hartenberger Winemaker extraordinaire and he told me that this will be the best wine ever made in 6 months!!  While I am not sure because I cannot fast forward - BUT what I can tell you is that I have tasted a bottle of this from a wine that was produced a couple years ago and it has aged so well.  The wine from years past was so smooth and rich with just the right amount of balance of flavors. This wine is just a kick ass red.  Just great.  That bottle was far better now than it was a year ago. This high alcohol wine is so Yummy (my technical wine term) it is a great blend of Zin and Syrah and you can really taste blackberries and blueberries as well as hints of pepper, spice and nutmeg.  All and all this wine is a winner - Better be after all I walked out of there with a case!!"

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  1. This is tasting amazing and we are due to make a trip back up for another case!!
    PS Still want that magnum for hubby!!!